tudio Design

Our design approach focuses on creating the best possible acoustics for each environment and budget. We incorporate superior esthetics into every room but our priority is always audio performance and ergonomics. The objective is to combine accurate monitoring with an environement that provides elegance, comfort and inspiration.

Sound quality in a control room reveals itself in many aspects such as frequency response, reverb time, imaging, phase response and so on. The complex interaction of all these parameters means that a cookie cutter approach is not efficient in studio design. Every project requires careful analysis so that the absolute best performance can be obtained from each situation. Essentially we think of the speakers and all other aspects of a room as a single entity that needs to be finely tuned for critical listening.

Studio design is often perceived as a bit of a black art. In reality, science and a thorough understanding of sound behavior is essential to bring about a successful and predictable outcome. Our years of experience in studio design and construction in Europe and North America help us to do just that.

Getting us involved early in projects can often save time and prevent costly mistakes. We can provide direction with site selection and planning right down to equipment selection and installation. We draw on our practical knowledge of room design such as NE, LEDE, RFZ but are always looking for new opportunities to push boundaries in the pursuit of great sound.